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Thursday, January 12th, 2006 | One of houston's best-loved shopping destinations since the 1930s.

Rice Village , Houston Texas

map of Rice Village is given to the left. Move your mouse across the map to see store & restaurant names throughout the Village. 

From: Brigid
09/28/2005 12:04 am
Great interactive map! Would be even better if it included parking areas! Thanks!

From: barber shop

07/06/2006 3:37 pm

From: CNH

07/22/2006 7:35 pm
Nice interactive map, but unless I am carrying around a laptop with wireless, it does me no good. A printable one might be next on you list to post.

From: don c.

08/02/2006 10:24 am
i agree with CNH, we need a printable map with directions for parking garages

From: Kyla K.

09/11/2006 00:22 am
A printable map that includes parking lots would be great. A printable list of stores that includes addresses would also be great.

From: Linda

09/12/2006 1:16 pm
Where can we get a printable map?

From: shirley

10/01/2006 09:14 am
Can I get a printable map and ist of the stores? 
Thank you, 

From: kelvin rice

10/04/2006 6:44 pm
i live in wales great britain and my name is kelvin rice. 
email me!! 
sianadams@btin ternet.com

From: Pallavi A.

10/15/2006 5:00 pm
I have lived in this city for so long and just found this map. I am usually just looking for the minor street names and phone numbers so I think this map is perfect!

From: Beth

10/27/2006 3:27 pm
Which buses stop nearby?

From: heather

02/22/2007 6:33 pm
where are the nail salons

From: Boo-Boo Kitty

04/04/2007 6:54 pm
Le Peep is the best. 
I want to FRANCHISE one myself (all the yummy food and fun)!

From: alex

05/25/2007 1:06 pm


06/26/2007 8:29 pm

From: Nancy

06/29/2007 6:23 pm
We used to vist Screen Porch Art everytime we visited Houston. I was very sad to see that the owner has retired. I LOVED the unique paintings and wood carvings by Shane Campbell!!! The gallery was the best place to see really great visionary work. I will miss seeing the latest works of Allison Merriweather. Now I have to drive to San Antonio to look at her work!!!!! 

I truly hope another gallery of this type opens up.




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