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Thursday, January 12th, 2006 | One of houston's best-loved shopping destinations since the 1930s.

Rice Village , Houston Texas

Houston Area Map & Directions to Rice Village

Rice Village is located next to Rice University on the South West side of Houston.

Click Here for an Interactive map of Rice Village from MapQuest

Directions to Rice Village:
Rice Village is located near downtown Houston, inside loop 610, and south of US-59. The most common route to Rice Village is via 1. US-59, and 2. exiting Kirby south, which 3. heads straight to Rice Village (corner of University & Kirby). Click Here for an Interactive map of Rice Village from MapQuest

Street Layout in Rice Village:

Although there are many areas designated for parking in Rice Village, parking lots can become crowded during peak hours. Parking is available along the streets, in designated store parking lots, and in several area rooftop parking lots available to customers.

Click here for an interactive map of stores in Rice Village



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